5 Best Chat Apps For Android And iOS (#1 Is Our Pick)

Remember when the only way to could chat
with people was by texting? Today’s chat apps are loaded with
loads of great features that make socializing and organizing projects an
absolute breeze.

In this article I’ll share my top 5
favourite messaging apps for Android and iOS.

#5. Slack

If you work on projects and activities that
require multiple team members to complete then our favourite is Slack.

Slack is a favourite amongst businesses and
individuals and it’s not hard to see why, with its combination of messaging,
scheduling, management features and of course app integration.

We’ve used this in the past for big,
complex projects like building a new company website right down to preparing an
email campaign.

In terms of instant messaging you can sync
across multiple devices, share files and allows you to set up groups and sub

Slack integrates with all of the most
popular platforms used today including Asana, Zendesk and more.

#4. GroupMe

If you’re looking for a chat app that is
all about group messaging then GroupMe is a solid option. GroupMe allows you to
set up different groups where you can send emojis, stickers, and GIFs.

It has a texting feature so that you can
group chat with friends and relatives who may not have a smartphone, I think
this is a really great feature. Ok, so, what makes this any different from
using plain old SMS from your phone?

Well, when you send a group SMS message,
say to 12 people, you’re really having 12 seprate conversations, when they
reply you’re the only who sees it, with GroupMe you’re actually creating a
group discussion where everyone can participate.

#3. Discord

Are you a gamer? This is the best messaging
app for you. One of things I like about Discord is that it’s cross-platform
which means that you can create a seamless experience whether you’re using your
mobile or computer.

Features include voice chat, multiple text
chats, photo messages, push notifications etc. and of course it comes with server
tools so you can create your own channels and communities.

But this isn’t just for gamers; you can use
this to set up private channels for work, social clubs etc.

#2. Snapchat

No chat apps list would be complete without

Snapchat was the first app to specialize in
self-destructing messages which meant that you could send a photo to a friend
and then have it disappear after a few seconds which it instantly made it one
of the most fun messaging apps on the market.

Snapchat has since added a lot more
features more commonly found on other chat apps including funny filters, photo
editing tools, bitmojis, adaptive chat, video messages, voice calls and text

#1. Yabb Chat

Yabb Chat App is my new favourite hands
down the reason being that the guys over at Yabb have created an all-in-one
style chat app taken the best features found inside your typical social media
style apps and weaved them all inside their app.

They’ve got self-destructing text messages,
videos and photos.

Thy have their own social media wall so you
can like, comment and share other people’s (called Yabbers) content – they also
have a team who remove inappropriate content (photos and videos) which I really

Yabb Messenger comes locked and loaded with
other features like, VoIP calls, emojis, animated stickers, photo filters,
group chat, video chat.

There are also rumours that Yabb with adopt
a digital wallet so you can manage your money as well!

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