Test Your Passwords: More Passwords Leaked

Last week was another bad week in the world of password security. Formspring, Billabong, Nvidia, and Yahoo! were all affected with large-scale password breaches that put the user names and passwords of many users online. The Yahoo! compromise alone affected 450,000 users; another 390,000 lost theirs over at Nvidia.

About a month ago we first talked about password insecurity and the underlying problems of passwords. With the recent incidents, many users may need a reminder about their passwords and how to secure them. Today, we’re releasing a Web Attack entry that looks at the password problem comprehensively, outlining why and how to create secure passwords – as well as remember them.

You can find the entry in the Threat Encyclopedia, or by clicking the banner below:

Post from: TrendLabs | Malware Blog – by Trend Micro

Test Your Passwords: More Passwords Leaked

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