[INFOGRAPHIC] Mapping Out Your Digital Life

As we do more and more things online and with our digital devices, one thing is sure: we accumulate more and more digital junk. Movies we don’t watch, songs we don’t listen to, apps we don’t use.

How much digital clutter do users have? Quite a lot, as it turns out. On average, people have far more data – in the form of music, movies, and files – than they can use or consume. On average, they use only about a fifth of what they actually have. They have enough music for almost two full weeks of non-stop music listening.

The digital clutter extends to the mobile space and social media, too. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter chances are many of your friends and followers aren’t people you know, if they’re even people at all! Our full findings are in latest infographic Mapping Out Your Digital Life, which was featured on Mashable.

Now that you know how much digital clutter you have, what should you do about it? For that, you can consult our previous e-guide, Putting an End to Digital Clutter.

Post from: TrendLabs | Malware Blog – by Trend Micro

[INFOGRAPHIC] Mapping Out Your Digital Life

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