VirusTotal += MAX

We welcome MAX scanner to VirusTotal. This scanner was developed by Saint Security Inc, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. In the words of the company:

“MAX is a machine learning and cloud-based next-generation antivirus engine to identify malware with AI, previously unknown and well-known both. MAX, as a part of Project launched by Saint Security in 2014, is designed to detect malware by utilizing a great deal of intelligence data of It identifies various malware by nature and maximizes detection rate and minimizes false-positives with multi-layer and whitelist learning. In addition, MAX detects various types of file such as Windows binary files (32bit, 64bit), Linux elf files, mobile APK files, etc.”

Saint Security has expressed its commitment to follow the recommendations of AMTSO and, in compliance with our policy, facilitates this review by SE Labs, an AMTSO-member tester.

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Story added 4. July 2017, content source with full text you can find at link above.