Tightening Web Security Defenses at WNS Global Services

As head of business technology at WNS Global Services, a worldwide business process management company, Amit Khanna knows a thing or two about security on a massive scale. With more than 20,000 endpoints in 46 delivery centers across four continents, WNS is on constant guard to protect sensitive corporate and client data and defend against web-borne malware. Regulatory compliance is also a huge concern.

“Our goal is to empower our 30,000+ professionals to work securely wherever they are, and safeguard the data and operations of more than 200 WNS clients,” Khanna remarks. “Our previous web proxy solution could not meet our complex requirements without impacting performance and the user experience. As we began to look for a new web gateway protection solution, the ability to provide 24/7 robust protection for both on-premise and off-premise users was non-negotiable.”

By implementing a hybrid solution consisting of 16 McAfee® Web Gateway appliances and McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service, WNS now maintains a comprehensive, 24/7 defense against web-borne malware for its users, whether on or off the premises. The location-aware McAfee Client Proxy protects mobile workers while traveling on and off premises.

We continue to partner with McAfee because the company and its products give us superior, intelligent security.” 

– Amit Khanna, Head of Business Technology, WNS Global Services

When WNS users are inside the corporate network, McAfee Client Proxy directs internet traffic to the appropriate McAfee Web Gateway appliance. When they move outside the firewall, McAfee Client Proxy redirects web traffic from their device to the McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service, maintaining consistent protection. Users connect transparently to either solution depending on location.

“With a hybrid McAfee Web gateway solution, we can administer the same security policies across all users all the time, whether or not they are on site,” Khanna notes. “Furthermore, the McAfee solution offers incredible granularity in analysis and policy setting and uses only five percent of capacity. We expect McAfee Web gateway to meet our needs for many years to come.”

He adds, “We continue to partner with McAfee because the company and its products give us superior, intelligent security. Besides being robust and easy to manage, McAfee solutions talk to one another and share pertinent information, which results in actionable intelligence that reduces response time and improves our security posture.”

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