As Cybermum, my job is to help keep you and your family safe in your online lives. But as a mother I would also like to make sure you have some tips and ‘know-how’ for staying safe in your day-to-day lives.

It is empowering to know that you have a ‘go-to’ plan in case you are ever faced with the threat of an attack by a stranger. Let’s hope you will never need to action your plan, but as I am a big fan of prevention, I think it is important that I share a few tips with you that I recently picked up from a highly regarded personal protection specialist.

Last week, I had the great pleasure of meeting Brent Sanders – a first rate expert on self-defence and personal protection at the Cybermum Australia launch in Sydney. Not only is Brent an ex-policeman, but he has spent many years profiling criminals. He has written a book How Dangerous Men Think and has lectured to over 100,000 people in conflict psychology.

Brent does not focus on physical strength nor does he teach the latest Kung-Fu moves. His approach is quite different yet particularly sensible. In his seminars Brent teaches women how to change their mindset and provides some insight into the way predators behave. He believes it is this combination that gives women the best chance of controlling, and successfully negotiating, an attack situation.

According to Brent, the notion that women should submit to an attacker is absolutely wrong. Potential attackers will target women who appear quiet and timid and will quickly give up on women who fight back or cause trouble. Brent believes that women need to muscle up, learn how attackers think and tell their potential attacker to ‘BACK OFF’. Being passive and believing your attacker will let you go is the absolute wrong approach. Be brave and do whatever you have to do to cause a scene.

Top Tips from Brent:

  1. If possible, run, as fast as you can. Take your heels off and go! Head for a place with people.
  2. Don’t Submit. Let them know you are up for a fight. Scream, as loudly as you can. Make a scene. If you are going to cause trouble, there is a very high chance your attacker will flee.
  3. Don’t Try to Overpower Your Attacker, you will wear yourself out. Instead focus on their weak spots.
  • Use your heels to stomp on their foot
  • If they have you in a lock position, pull back their little finger to break it. I understand it snaps very easily!
  • If the attacker has you in front of him, smash your head against his nose to break it, elbow them in the solar plexus.
  • When they start to let go, finish with a knee to the groin.

These moves should hopefully stop your attacker long enough for you to get away.

For more information please check out Brent’s website Winning Edge Strategies. I know tackling subjects like this can be a little unnerving but like any good mum, I am just looking out for you.

Till next time, stay safe out there!

Alex x


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