American Fidelity Assurance Trusts McAfee to Secure Entire Network

Making the news because of a security breach is the last kind of publicity any company wants. For American Fidelity Assurance Company, protecting critical and sensitive information is a top concern, and it’s job one for Chief Security Officer John Lindsey. “With all of the widely publicized security breaches at other companies lately, our board has made my priorities clear – to put every possible solution in place, in multiple layers, to protect the network and our customers’ data,” he says.

To that end, Lindsey recently re-evaluated the company’s security environment. “We had a disparate group of appliances and systems, and nothing talked to anything else,” he notes. “We wanted to adopt more functional products that would work together and therefore be easier to manage with less overhead. This kind of integration was our primary reason to switch to McAfee.”

I love my job and I’m lucky to work with a great team. Our great partnership with McAfee helps us be even more successful.

— John Lindsey, Chief Security Officer, American Fidelity Assurance

Today, a fully integrated suite of McAfee solutions protects the entire American Fidelity ecosystem. This encompasses 2,000 endpoints, including mobile users scattered across the country, as well as 2,500 servers and two data centers based in Oklahoma. American Fidelity has adopted McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention System, McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention, and the McAfee Endpoint Security Suite with File and Folder Encryption and the host-based McAfee Intrusion Prevention System.

“McAfee Data Loss Prevention is an especially important piece of the puzzle. It’s an incredibly useful and enlightening tool, because it gives us a continuous view of all of the traffic we need to monitor and block,” Lindsey says. “Over the next two years, our priorities will be around enhancing our utilization of the McAfee products.”

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