Old attack code is new weapon for Russian hackers

Attackers prefer to reuse code and tools for as long as they keep working. In that tradition, researchers have found evidence suggesting a cyberespionage group is still successfully using tools and infrastructure that was first deployed in attacks 20 years ago.

The Moonlight Maze refers to the wave of attacks that targeted U.S. military and government networks, universities, and research institutions back in the mid-to-late 1990s. While the Moonlight Maze disappeared from the radar after the FBI and Department of Defense investigation became public in 1999, there were whispers within the security community that the cyberespionage group never entirely went away. Turla, a Russian-speaking attack group that’s also known as Venomous Bear, Uroburos, and Snake, was floated as a possibility, but until recently, all links were guesswork and speculation.

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