8 challenges that keep financial services CTOs and CIOs up at night

Being the CTO or CIO of a financial services provider is harder than ever in today’s data-driven, hacker-plagued digital world. In addition to making sure the organization’s systems are operating smoothly at all times, they face a number of technology- and compliance-related challenges, issues that if not addressed could cost their organization millions – even billions – of dollars.

Here are eight of the biggest challenges, the ones keeping financial services IT executives up at night (or at minimum giving them a major headache.

1. Data security

“Security and risk management are high on the list of concerns that keep CIOs and CTOs up at night, especially at the rapid rate that the threat landscape is evolving,” says Josh Crowe, CTO, Sungard Availability Services. “They constantly mull over whether their customers’ assets and data are secure, and even question the security measures protecting their own IP. The speed at which hackers are finding ways to infiltrate technology can mean near constant reevaluation if they are remaining sufficiently vigilant.”

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