Top Android apps of 2015

There are so many apps available for download that it can become confusing at times. Even if you have a basic idea of what you want and need to have handy, finding the best apps to accomplish those goals can be overwhelming. So, to help you out, here’s a list of some of the best android apps of 2015.
Before we get to the apps themselves, though, let’s talk about security. There are a lot of companies out there that make and publish apps and not all of them are trustworthy. It is important to make sure, before you go app shopping, that you install a good internet security system. The type of security you need is going to depend on whether you’re using an Android or an Apple operating system. Once you’ve got your security installed, check out the following apps!

Whatsapp – If you have not already downloaded this app then you are missing out on a very easy to use app. It is the choice for instant messaging as far as smartphones are concerned. And now, with their plans to introduce calling facilities, it will only become more popular. Another advantage of this app is that it rarely crashes and is constantly updated.

Facebook – It is one of those apps that has very few bugs and is free to use. If you are into social media big time then your smartphone or tablet definitely needs this app.

Google Authenticator – If security is a priority for you then this is an essential app. It helps you in safeguarding all your internet accounts by having a two step authentication. So whenever you have to log in to any other service like Paypal you will have to enter a time sensitive authentication code along with your regular id and password.

Clean Master – If you have constant problems with managing your memory then download this app. It will help you in improving the performance of your device by freeing up space, removing junk, removing unwanted apps. You can also schedule it do it on a regular basis. 

DU Battery Saver – One thing that users of Android devices find problematic is how the battery gets drained so quickly. The DU Battery Saver can help you out. It does this by coordinating and running the apps in such a way that battery power is saved.

Opera Max – If you have a mobile data plan to access internet and associated stuff then this app will be really useful to you. It makes the images and videos smaller in size thereby reducing the amount of mobile data used. It also speeds up load time. It can save up to a third of your data allotment this way

IF – If you have more than one android device and you want an easy way to connect them without the hassle of manually uploading and checking then this is an app for you. It does this by creating recipes of which devices and how the connections between them have to be made. Once you have made the ‘recipe’ then everything gets done automatically.

AirDroid – Another useful app which helps in transferring files to and from your laptop to the phone without connecting it with a USB cable.

MS Office Mobile – For those people who are accustomed to using MS Office and want the same experience on an android device, here is an app that does just that.

There are many more apps which can make your life easier but these are the best ones

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