The World Cup: spammers set their sights on goal

2014 sees two huge sporting events taking place: the football World Cup in Brazil and the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. In November we mentioned a mailing exploiting the World Cup – the fraudsters disguising their scam as a lottery. In January the number of these kinds of mailings increased. The stories used in the messages were identical: the user was informed that he/she had been chosen from among millions of other users as the winner of a lottery with a huge prize. In order to claim the money, the user had to contact the organizers using the addresses and phone numbers provided.

The body of the message was either empty or contained just one phrase: “See the attachment for information” or “Open the attachment”. The content of the attached file changed from message to message, as did the file format – JPEG, PDF or DOC. The file contained information about the alleged prize and also had references to FIFA and the World Cup. The scammers even went to the trouble of including official logos and pictures from the ceremony when Brazil was awarded the World Cup.


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