Retail Makes a Smart Career Choice

In view of the recent global financial meltdown that has impacted almost all the verticals of the industry, most sectors that appeared to be a smart career choice five years ago are losing their shine. However, one industry that has emerged the least affected from the fiscal tornado is the retail sector. Today, an increasing number of graduates are eager to jumpstart their career in this field. If you are also thinking about the same, you may be on the right track, as this sector offers several career benefits that are absent in other fields. For instance, you can hone your skills in various departments in a retail company, be it procurement or accounting, and later on specialize in a particular area as per your penchant.

Scope of the retail industry in India
The rising neo-middle class in India has high disposable income that it does not mind spending on branded merchandise such as food and beverages, watches, apparels, shoes, cosmetics, and skin care products. Products that were considered a luxury over a decade back have now become lifestyle products that most households can afford. This has open up new avenues of growth for the retail industry players who can cash in on the new market by simply concentrating on their branding, marketing, and packaging. With more and more players entering this vertical, the scope of the retail industry is likely to increase further.
Retail industry offers multiple areas of specialization
As already mentioned above, you can choose to specialize in any career stream in this industry. Thus, whether you find procurement interesting or marketing more challenging, you can take it up in a retail company. Some other areas of specializations that you can choose while working in the retail sector are e-commerce, financing, branding, and human resource. You can enter any of these fields based on your academic qualifications and then build a career by learning on the job.
Job benefits in the retail sector
With a flurry of brands in the market, it has become impossible to count them all on your finger. Since this industry thrives on branding and marketing, taking up a job in this sector will be nothing like a regular nine to five desk job that you can find in other industries. Retail jobs can be quite exciting and come with a fair share of challenges that are bound to help you learn better and faster. Furthermore, the massive employee discounts that you get from the brand you work for will be a major bonus for you. After all, everybody needs to shop.
Final word
To sum up, a career in the retail industry is appearing to be one of the most promising choices in the current economic climate and with international retail brands coming to India; the sky is the limit when it comes to career growth in this industry. Apply for one of the Bharti Walmart jobs or Tesco jobs listed in the classifieds section today and you may get your dream break soon.

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