Password Safe Review


Password Safe is a freeware locally stored password manager. Passwords that are stored are encrypted with the twofish algorithm with a 256 bit key. The GUI is simple but robustly packed with features. 

Ease Of Use

The interface is clean and simple, allowing people of all ages to use the manager.
To create a new password list just click new, and create a master password. From there submit your username and passwords. You can also generate a complex randomized password based on your certain criteria (Length, characters, uppercase/lowercase, digits, symbols). 

Benefits of a password manager

1. You only need to remember a single password.
2. You can generate complex hard to crack passwords for all of your accounts to log in with.
3. Log into accounts without frustration, just copy and paste you account logins.
4. Easily change your passwords without hassle. 
5. Stores your passwords securely, unlike local files and physical copies.
6. You can store more than just passwords (Recovery questions, memberships, pin numbers, etc)
7. You can most likely use your password manager on many devices (Phone, tablet)

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