Mobile scammers target sports fans

The Olympic Games are a huge event. And scammers are obviously going to try and exploit the interest they generate. We’ve already written about “Olympic” spam mailings. Now, SMS spammers have also appeared on the scene.

On February 10 we registered a spam mailing, which supposedly led to the live stream of an Olympic event:

«Olympic live stream in Sochi hxxp://mms****.ru/olympic.apk»

If unsuspecting users click on the link, a Trojan will be downloaded to their device. We detect the Trojan in question as HEUR:Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakeInst.fb.

If this Trojan successfully downloads and launches, it addresses the C&C server and transfers the data gathered on the user’s phone, including the list of contacts.


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Story added 12. February 2014, content source with full text you can find at link above.