Massive Marriott Data Breach 500 million affected

The Impact Of The Breach

The Marriott Hotel Group suggests that up to 500 million of its customers may have been compromised. This is not the first, or the last major data breach. Hackers obtained birthdays, email addresses, passport numbers, loyalty account numbers of customers.

Marriott’s Response

The company has put up a website for those affected by the breach, and is taking calls for any questions that are asked. They have also sent out emails to those who are affected with a free 1 year subscription of identity protection. 

How you can protect yourself

You should protect yourself even if you haven’ been affected by the data breach. Use a strong encrypted password manager, use long complex randomized passwords for each login, use multi-factor authentication, check if you have been compromised in any other data breaches, watch your credit scores, and check for any suspicious activity in your social media,

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