Largest Website in Sweden Spreading Malicious Code

This week has been one of the most hectic weeks in a very long time, I’ve been working day and night to finish everything for the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit. I was not in the mood for new work because of the very late and hectic nights. I am on my way out from the door to drop off the kids and wife at her parents place and suddenly the phone rings, its Magnus Lindkvist, who was the Security Evangelist at Microsoft in Sweden. It is always nice to talk to Magnus, but this time he had a different tone on his voice, he was not really up for any chit chat, and just asked me if I was close to a computer. The mood for something exciting suddently just came back to me! I was in the game again! 🙂

As a security researcher, I always have at least one computer running 24/7, he tells me that the largest website in Sweden; Aftonbladet is spreading malware. I quickly up boot my virtual machine, launch Chrome and open the website. Nothing happen… what did I miss? Was Magnus joking? Then on the other side of the phone I hear Magnus say: “You need to use Internet Explorer”.

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