How to Win the SERP (Search engine results page ) War

Veteran SEO practitioners have said, and proven, that almost every SEO campaign is won with some time-tested tricks.
Now, would-be SEO mavericks will surely contest such statement (the same way defense
attorneys dispute prosecution arguments), saying that they could actually win the SERP war
with their very own, trailblazing techniques.
While such bold words could well be true in some sense and instances, no professional SEO
practitioner can deny that it takes a certain proven set of SEO practice to stay on top of search
engine results pages (SERPs).
And, whether you’re a seasoned SEO campaigner, or just somebody trying to learn the ropes of
the trade, you will surely agree that these tricks can make you an SERP champ:
● Take time to pick and use only the most popular and unique keywords. Most SEO
campaigns live and die by the keywords. A website may have the best and most
immaculately written content in the worldwide web, but if it doesn’t have the right
keywords in its articles, then Google’s spiders won’t crawl, index, or give the site a
favorable ranking. How do you know which keywords to use for your SEO campaign?
Use Google AdWords.
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Getting the right keywords is the first step in winning the SEO war.
● Build links. What good is a website with good content teeming with excellent keywords

but lacks a good link building campaign? Although this SEO trick may cost you several
thousands of dollars and take you months, its benefits are more than worth it when you
see your site’s page rank shoot up like crazy. Some of the most common link building
practices include forum posting, blog commenting, link exchange, article submission,
guest posting, and the like.
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● Post only original articles. This one rings true, especially now that we have Google
Panda to worry about. Panda automatically penalizes sites with plagiarized, scraped,
or spammy content by taking down erring site or lowering its SERP rank considerably.
Hence, always make sure that your site’s posts are always in accordance with Panda’s
policies regarding content.
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• Keep your posts fresh. Google ranks your site based on several factors, including
timeliness of your content. Keep in mind that you are duty-bound to update your site
with relevant and fresh content that readers will surely find interesting. This may look
laborious but its rewards are more than worth the troubles.
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Freshness is king in every SERP campaign.
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social-connect-rss.png (32×32)About The AuthorAnne Roberts has been a professional writer for over a decade now. She writes blog posts, how-to articles, SEO copies, and many other types of content for several websites. She is currently a content writer for personal injury lawyers.

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