Choosing A Mechanical Switch For Your Keyboard

How to choose a mechanical switch?

When choosing a mechanical switch for your keyboard, there are many factors that influence your decision. How large do want your keyboard, do you want RGB lighting, what the key feel is, can you program macro functions, quality of the cable, price range, etc. To simplify the search there are 3 types of switches you can buy with your selected keyboard.

Clicky Switch

Cherry MX blues are the most common type of clicky switch that you can buy. When you press down the key, it actuates (Activates) and makes a audible click. The feeling is similar to typing on a typewriter. However this type of switch makes the most amount of noise, and those around you may not enjoy the sound.

Tactile Switch

Cherry MX browns and clears are both tactile switches. When you actuate a tactile switch you feel a physical bump compared to a clicky sound. They are much quieter than clicky mechanical switches, but slightly harder to press than linear switches. They are preferred for some gamers and touch typists cause of the physical bump that allows them to double tap easier.

Linear Switch

Cherry MX black and red are both types of linear switches. When you actuate the switch there is no interruption of the key, so there is no sound or feeling when you press. They are usually the quietest type of mechanical switch, and the only sound that is heard is when you bottom out the key.

Price range

Mechanical keyboards have a wide range of prices from low budget ($20) to enthusiast grade ($200+). The type of keyboard you wish to buy depends on your situation and your budget.

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