Askme android and ios app review

AskMe is a program truly accessible for Android Smartphones as of now which are serving information regarding your place in various different manners. Getit Infoservices Pvt Ltd.

ASKME provides search services all over India, over the Cellphone, Web, and Mobile. ASKME has details of over millions of company within your cities. One can hunt for everything from the city’s tastiest hamburger to the most distinguished Hospital.Additionally users call them immediately from ASKME program, and can look up phone numbers and addresses for thousands of businesses

Various Features of this program:

Here are the following amazing attributes of AskMe App.

  1. Search for any company around you
  2. It’s possible for you to get fantastic deals offered by any of your favored local companies.
  3. You will get latest classifieds advertisements on various material.
  4. Able to add reviews, picturesand other stuff for your favourite companies.
  5. Be capable of making your own listings and much more.
  6. Read reviews to comprehend about amazing businesses in your city
  7. Share these with your family and friends via Facebook, messages, email or Google
  8. Look up addresses and phone numbers for thousands of companies, and call them immediately from ASKME app.
  9. Added Company data, including standings, opening hours and payment procedures, to make your selection simpler.

The App additionally has the capacity to add reviews, pictures, and tricks for your favourite businesses right from the main screen of the application which comes quite convenient when you wish to list your company. can be got from the primary screen as well where you are able to shop for a number of things including apparels, appliances and so forth. Posting a deal on the app is so simple which can be done by selecting the “post a deal” which is at the underside of the program. Every functionality is contained in the ASKME app’s primary screen that is also of which makes the appearance of the program quite good without any form. Head over to the play shop and search for click on the link provided below to download the application straight away to your Mobile Phone or ASKME

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