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Here we provide you with the link to download Aliexpress application for your IOS and Android Smartphones.
Aliexpress application provides you with great offers and daily deals which are not available on its website. It also provides regular promotions and thousands of coupon giveaways


Aliexpress is an online marketplace which is a part of Alibaba Group of Companies was founded in year 2010, it offers over 100 million products at wholesale price.
It provides delivery to more than 200 countries around the world and it is accessible in 11 different languages. Millions of users around the world have rated Aliexpress as the best online marketplace for buying products at incredible price. Buying a product directly from the seller in China allows you to get the product for much lower price. You can find anything you want from the 6000+ groups of products, anything from electronics, automobile parts, hardware, shoes and clothings.
The main reason Aliexpress is loved by its user is that they provide free shipping for more than 75% of their products.
The Aliexpress provides a secure payment gateway & all the payments which are made on aliexpress are held by Alipay System, which work as an Escrow service. Alipay System held the payment till the product reaches its purchaser, Once the product is delivered it automatically release the payment to the seller.
Aliexpress also provides buyer protection. If the false product is delivered or you are unable to reach an agreement with the seller, you can apply for the refund. It also provide 24*7 customer service.


Aliexpress application is available for both Android & IOS devices & it is free to download.Internet connection is required for working of this application.
For android it required 16MB of free space in internal memory and it works on android version 4.0 (ICS) and above. It works properly on any network connection (3G is preferred for easy & faster access) It is available for all IOS smartphones & it works properly on any network connection (3G is preferred).

To download Aliexpress Application for Android smartphone click here.
To download Aliexpress Application in your IPhone & IPad click here.

Once the application is downloaded , follow the given steps :-
1. Open Aliexpress on your smartphone
2. Click on Sign Up/Sign In ( if already registered)
3. Search for the products in their respective categories
4. After selecting the desired product click on Buy Now , once you have all products in your basket click on CHECKOUT and select the payment method
5.Sellers of Aliexpress offers different delivery methods, select the convenient method and proceed
6. You can track your package & also check the estimate delivery time


Aliexpress app is loaded with the following features 
· Shopping products by their Categories :- Over 100 million products are available at wholesale price which are divided into 600+ categories. You can select the desired product from the respective categories.

· Real buyer reviews:- You can read the reviews for the products from real buyers. Aliexpress filters spammed reviews. Buyers also share the photos of products which they have received, Thus you can be sure whether the buyer is selling real product or fake.

· Convenient search filters:- Search filters allows you to search the specific product in a particular category. It also allows you to select products with free shipping options, selecting product of a particular brand & managing search results according to your budget.

· Creating Wish List:-This feature enables you to bookmark your favorite product for later purchase.

· Sharing products in social medias:- You can share your favorite products in various social medias like facebook, twitter and whatsapp.

· Secure Online Payment:- Currently, AliExpress is accepting following payment methods PayPal, Moneybookers, Visa, MasterCard and bank transfer.

· Track Your Package:- Aliexpress app gives you instant updates of your order with one click. It also provides the estimate delivery info. If the product is not received in particular time frame, they will initiate your refund immediately.

· Language Support :- Aliexpress app is avaliable in 11 different langauges including English, German, Russian & French.

· Chat with Sellers Directly :- You can know more about the desired product directly from the sellers.

· Buyers protection:- Aliexpress comes with a feature called buyers protection, this is a type of ESCROW service which will held your payment till your products are delivered. Once the product are delivered then it automatically releases the payment to the seller.

· Daily discounts and Coupons:- Aliexpress app provides you with daily deals, discounts and coupons which are not available in aliexpress website.

· 24*7 customer support:- Aliexpress is always ready to help its buyers, all your queries will be answered within few minutes by our customer support.

TIPS to buy from Aliexpress

Buyer must keep the following things in while purchasing a product from Aliexpress.

It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or first time buyer, These tips will ensure your happy shopping experience.

1. Buy products from the established sellers only:-
One must always try to buy products from established sellers which are selling products from long times and they are also having positive feedback. These sellers care about their reputations and they are always ready to help you in case if some problem occurred with your order.

Expensive items should be purchased from sellers with good reputation, feedbacks and the number of years the shop existed on Aliexpress.

One must check the seller’s description before ordering a product:-

· Years of service
· Ratings
· Top rated sellers
· Positive Feedback
· Number of products ordered from the seller and feedback ratio

2.Communicate with the seller:-

One must contact the seller before making a purchase with the messaging system designed by the aliexpress. You should clear your doubts and ask them for the product details directly.

3.Read complete product Description/ Details:-

One should not place order directly after reading the product title and looking at its photos, instead of this one must check the product descriptions and sellers information before making a purchase. Also you can read feedbacks and reviews of the particular products & most of the time the users who have purchased the product share the images of items which are received.

shipping and refund related queries are also mentioned in the product description.

4.Think twice before buying items at lowest available price

We are not stating that this can be a scam but one should check the sellers details and product description carefully before making a purchase, It can be a Chinese replica of the original product.

5.One should avoid free shipping for expensive items

Free shipping is usually sent via China Post and it can take a long time to arrive. There is also a risk for the item being delivered is broken since it spends a long time in transit. One should prefer other shipping services like DHL and EMS for expensive items and you can also ask for shipping insurance if the sellers are ready.

6.Customs duties can be applied

Low cost products usually get passed the eyes of Custom officers, But there are chances that they will ask you for customs charges for expensive products.

Different countries have different customs charges so the seller can’t answer that question. Its better if you compare the orignal price of the product in your country before making a purchase from Aliexpress.

7. check the product before confirming receipt

Once the product is delivered don’t click on confirming the receipt directly. Wait for a day or two and check the product carefully before confirming the receipt. If the problem occurs then ask the seller for the resolution of the problem.

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