Light June 2013 Patch Tuesday is No Reason to Slack

Patch-Tuesday_grayMicrosoft releases five security bulletins for June 2013, which is relatively light compared to previous ones. Despite this, users must update their systems immediately, to avoid possible web threats leveraging software vulnerabilities.

This roster of security fixes include updates for vulnerabilities found in Windows and Internet Explorer, which were rated Critical. This means that IT administrators and users should prioritize and apply the solutions immediately to avoid greatest risk. By exploiting these vulnerabilities, an attacker can execute a malware onto the vulnerable systems, which can lead to information theft and security compromise among others.

Other security bulletins for this month are rated Important, providing resolution to vulnerabilities in Windows and MS Office. If these fixes are not applied immediately, users systems can be vulnerable to threats such as unwanted data disclosure, malware execution, and denial-of-service (DoS) attack.

For its part, Adobe releases their fix for vulnerabilities found in certain Adobe Flash Player versions. Users are advised to apply this too, as a successful exploitation may lead to a vulnerable system being infected with a malware.

Some users may take this few bulletins lightly and delay updating their systems with these fixes. However, now is not the right time to be lax security-wise (there’s actually no ‘right’ time to be lax when it comes to security). Anonymous has recently announced their #OpPetrol cyber attack campaign, which is reportedly targeting oil companies in a dozen of countries (which include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada among others). Such attacks usually exploit vulnerabilities to penetrate their targets’ networks, usually to get more information which they can use to further harm their victims.

Every little vulnerability can be taken against you, thus it is important to guard your systems from attacks. Users are advised to implement these bulletins as soon as possible. For more details about how Trend Micro can protect users, you may refer to this Threat Encyclopedia page.

Post from: Trendlabs Security Intelligence Blog – by Trend Micro

Light June 2013 Patch Tuesday is No Reason to Slack

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