[INFOGRAPHIC] Windows 8 Steps Up with Security Features

Deviating from its usual window-style interface, Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system (OS) has excited customers with its tiled design and its promise of built-in security. The company released its new OS before November started, just in time to generate buzz before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As a result, we saw Windows 8 devices making it to best deal offers from Sony, Costco, and Best Buy.

Now that Windows 8 is out in the market, the discourse turns from what’s new to why bother. What’s new is that Windows 8 offers a sleek computing experience while it answers longtime security problems, syncs to the well-loved cloud, and allows for easy sharing, among others. Some critics however find that many customers might not see the worth in shifting to the new OS, especially after they’ve grown to love Windows 7.

Still, security features in Windows 8 may just change the mind of many. We saw the platform offer several key security improvements, which, though mostly unseen by users, can be very effective in warding off threats. Our CTO Raimund Genes also mentioned this in his 2013 predictions, although he also noted that the improved security will be enjoyed mostly by consumers, since adopting to a new operating system is something that enterprises are known to have difficulty handling.

Nonetheless, it looks like Windows clearly had security in mind when they developed Windows 8. Apart from having Windows Defender as its own anti-malware, the OS has a Smart Screen filter that fights social engineering tactics online. Also unlike traditional desktop apps, Windows Store apps are automatically sandboxed and pre-approved by Microsoft before being sold or offered free. Finally, with Secure Boot and Early Launch Antimalware (ELAM) driver support for Windows 8, low-level malware are prevented from loading on system startup. Because of these, we predict that the improved security by Windows 8 will be more pronounced in the coming year, especially for consumers.

Suffice it to say, Microsoft took a leap in Windows 8. It wouldn’t be a surprise if more people start to adopt this new OS. Whether they do or not, it pays to be prepared. As threats leveraging Windows 8 start to appear, users are called to reinforce their knowledge of common tricks employed. In an age of multi-platform technology like Windows 8, investing in specialized security ensures full enjoyment.

In a mind-filling infographic, Security in Touch: Exploring Digital Security on Windows 8, we have summed up how exactly we think Windows 8 will blend in people’s digital lives. It helps explain what’s inside the growing OS and shows how to keep information safe at all times. You can view the complete infographic by clicking the thumbnail below.

Post from: Trendlabs Security Intelligence Blog – by Trend Micro

[INFOGRAPHIC] Windows 8 Steps Up with Security Features

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