WebAccess Maintenance: Certificate Replacement

Information Technology Services will perform scheduled maintenance on WebAccess during the maintenance windows of June 14 and June 16. A new certificate for connect.webaccess.psu.edu will be installed.

No changes will be needed on cosign-client websites since the new certificate will be signed by the same Root CA.

No slow-down or outage of WebAccess is expected while the maintenance takes place.

The signing algorithm will be changing from SHA1 to SHA2. A similar certificate has been running on the WebAccess QA service since May of 2015.

One WebAccess server will be changed on Tuesday, June 14, during the maintenance window. If successful, then the remaining servers will be changed during the maintenance window on Thursday, June 16.

The work is being tracked on CHG0037010.

More information: WebAccess Maintenance: Certificate Replacement

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