Update to Self-Service Portal for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

ITS is releasing an update to the self-service portal (https://2fa.psu.edu) that services device management of Penn State’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) service. The update will be released during the maintenance window on Tuesday, January 26.

Changes include fixes for identified issues. These issues have not affected 2FA, and the self-service portal remains available to the Penn State community.

The update will include fixes to the following within the portal:

–The app store link is broken in certain circumstances.
–When a landline is added to an account, the text reads “mobile phone added” instead of “landline added” even though the landline was successfully added.
–When an attempt to re-sync a Duo hardware token fails, the system redirects to “add a token” rather than to “manage devices.”

For more information, please contact The IT Service Desk (itservicedesk@psu.edu).

More information: Update to Self-Service Portal for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

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