Update: ACD/ UCCX Upgrade

he ITS provided ACD/UCCX service offered through TNS will be upgraded Friday February 12th beginning at 6:00PM through Saturday February 13th 9:00AM. This upgrade is required to maintain our supportability and reliability of service by keeping with supported versions of vendor hardware and software. During the upgrade callers will continue to hear the after hours recorded messages. The ACD/UCCX customers and their directory numbers are listed below.

814-865-5471: Undergraduate Admissions
814-863-1000: Athletics Ticketing
814-863-1000: Athletic Relations
814-865-6528: Office of the Bursar
814-865-4662: Network Operations Center
814-865-1473: Office of Human Resources
814-865-6357: Office of the University Registrar
814-865-6301: Office of Student Aid
814-863-0774: University Health Services


More information: Update: ACD/ UCCX Upgrade

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