UEN Router Software Upgrades January 27th

ITS will be upgrading the software on All Brocade MLX UEN Routers. The purpose of the software upgrade is to add needed software features needed for the continuing operation of the University Enterprise Network.

Impacted services below may be affected for Up to 5 Minutes, Customers with backbone connectivity to the above routers who have redundant UEN connections will be degraded as connectivity fails over to the redundant connection and as connectivity fails back to the primary connection. Only one of the routers will be reloaded at a time to ensure redundant services are maintained.

On Jan 27th in the 5:00-7:00am maintenance window ITS will be upgrading the following Routers:

Expected Impact: Outage for all Campus network resources up to 5 minutes.

Reference ServiceNOW Change: CHG0034742

More information: UEN Router Software Upgrades January 27th

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