Resolved: Service Degradation from Network Congestion

As of 8 p.m., Thursday, October 16, the issue has been resolved. A solution was implemented to alleviate the degradations, which has since been verified by the vendor.

A software change was made to the back-end servers of one of the web servers in response to the initial incident on Tuesday, October 14. Changes made during Wednesday’s Maintenance Window (5-7 a.m.) allowed for the network disruptions as a result.

Specifically, an errant interaction between the load balancer and back-end server in response to a specific network request triggered the service degradations.

The network setting configuration has been changed on the back-end servers to resolve the issue.

Staff will continue to monitor the issue, ensuring that the solution continues to prevent future occurrences.

More information: Resolved: Service Degradation from Network Congestion

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