DCS – Tower Road Tier3 *redundant* power feed maintenance planned on 2/6/2018

The following data center facilities notification has been shared with Data Center Services colocation customers in the Tower Road Data Center:

Data Center Services staff will be working with our colleagues in OPP in order to perform corrective warranty work on the equipment that supplies Tier3 power to the Tower Road Data Center whitespace. Tier3 supports non-research computing within the whitespace. Per the redundant design of the building, DCS is planning to de-energize all of the busways being fed from the “A” side utility. During the time this warranty work is being performed, all of the Tier 3 dual power supplied equipment will be powered from the “B” side utility only.

The warranty work will be performed within the maintenance window from 5:00am-7:00am, on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, and is expected to last for one hour.

No outage to any equipment in the whitespace is expected. If you have equipment in the Tower Road whitespace, we are asking your group to physically verify that all the power supplies for your equipment is functional prior to the date of work.

This maintenance is being tracked in CHG0045920.

More information: DCS – Tower Road Tier3 *redundant* power feed maintenance planned on 2/6/2018

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