DC Network Maintenance 6/6/2017

On 6/6/2017, beginning at 5 am and ending before 7 am, ENCS and DCS will be updating management settings on network switches in the DC Networks at Tower Road, Computer Building and Hershey University Technology Center (UTC). The settings being changed include ntp and time zone settomgs. In lab testing, this did not create any impact to network services. It was found in a soak test that changing these settings could cause a switch to see elevated CPU usage. Due to this the work is being performed in a maintenance window and staff will be prepared to deploy to resolve any issues as fast as possible.

No network disruptions are expected. Degraded performance and/or degraded redundancy is possible while the changes are being made.

This work is being tracked under CHG0042472

More information: DC Network Maintenance 6/6/2017

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