Change to Wireless Authentication

SNow Change: CHG0038120

Penn State wireless is currently experiencing issues related to authentication. Users of the psu SSID are experiencing delays when connecting to wireless, and are being disconnected when roaming. These problem are load-related, and are worse when network utilization is highest, between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. The precise cause if these issues is not known, but the the authentication server infrastructure is suspected.

To help isolate the cause of these problems, ITS will configure a new RADIUS server and direct RADIUS activity from the buildings listed below to the new server. This change will be implemented during the maintenance window tomorrow morning, and will affect approximately 500 users in these buildings.

This change will cause a brief disruption for anyone connected at that time. Users should be able to reconnect shortly thereafter.

103 Innovation Blvd

230 Innovation Blvd

328 Innovation Blvd

329 Innovation Blvd

330 Innovation Blvd

331 Innovation Blvd

Animal Diagnostic Lab

Beef Cattle and Sheep Barns

Central Milk Testing Lab

Chemical Ecology Lab

UP Airport General Aviation Hangar

Horse Barn


Lubert Bldg.

Merkle Lab

Outreach Innovation Bldg

Pell Lab

The Penn Stater

Technology Center

PTI Test Track

Wiley Lab

Network activity will be closely monitored after the change. Because network activity is lower on Friday than on other weekdays, the results of this change may not be definitive until Monday.

More information: Change to Wireless Authentication

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