ANGEL and Canvas Switched to Alternate Authentication Method

As a result of today’s degraded state of WebAccess, Information Technology Services (ITS) switched both ANGEL and Canvas to an alternate authentication method at 6:15 pm (ET) to allow continued user access to both systems. Due to this switch, the login page on both ANGEL and Canvas will look different from the usual WebAccess page.

While users will still login to ANGEL and Canvas using their Penn State user ID and password, the authentication will not be through WebAccess. Please note that switching ANGEL and Canvas away from WebAccess means that both systems will not be part of the single sign-on services during this time. As a result, users will be prompted to login again when moving between ANGEL/Canvas to and from other online Penn State services.

This change will prevent users with Friends of Penn State (FPS) accounts from logging into ANGEL and Canvas.

ANGEL and Canvas will remain on this alternate authentication until further notice.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

More information: ANGEL and Canvas Switched to Alternate Authentication Method

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