A10 Load Balancer Update

During the OVPIT Maintenance Window (5:00 – 7:00 a.m.) on Tuesday, November 29, the A10 Load Balancer will have a global setting modified.
No outage will occur while the work is being completed. With this change numerous services may be affected, including but not limited to:

– clubs.psu.edu
– E-mail Services
– Friends of Penn State (FPS)
– LionPath
– news.psu.edu
– Penn State Chat (chat.psu.edu)
– PSU Alerts
– Shibboleth
– Virtual Host
– www.personal.psu.edu
– www.psu.edu
– www.work.psu.edu

The work is being tracked through ServiceNow – CHG0039467

More information: A10 Load Balancer Update

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